MSC Committee 2018-19

r                                   Committee Officers

Hon. Life President – Bob Dugdale    MSC Bob Dugdale

Commodore – Dave Immeson               


Rear Commodore – John Gibbison           John Gibbison

Vice Commodore – position vacant

Cruiser Captain – John Hodgson            IMG_0304

Dinghy Captain – Keith Byers                 IOM Race 06 014

Secretary – Mark Procter    –                 

Treasurer – Sue Byers                            Sue Byers_830px

General Committee

Phil Shelling – Bar Manager                   Photo Phil Shelling_830px

Barry Hunt –                                           20140712_0766

Phil Preston                                          pp

Annabel Hall –                                      

Chris Spicer – Launching Facilities Liason -Awaiting photo

Rosie Ryder – Club Bookings –            

Dave Baron – Compound manager      

Dave Brookbank – Clubhouse Manager

John Gibbison is also the Child Welfare Officer

John Hodgson is also the Webmaster