About us

History and membership
The club was started in 1936 by local fishermen who liked to race their boats. These down-to-Earth local beginnings are still reflected today in the character of the club. Our membership is open to everyone with an appropriate interest, has always had a very local base and consists of people with a shared enthusiasm for sailing in the Bay, or an interest in other water-sports such as wind-surfing, sub-aqua diving or power-boating. You don’t need to own a boat or be an active sailor to join the club, novices and social members are welcome too. Families are particularly welcome, with family membership available to parents and their kids. After all kids are the future of this fantastic sport … you may have the next Olympic Gold Medallist in your family (the UK has consistently won more Olympic Golds for sailing than just about any other sport).

Why Sailing?

SAILING, FOR MANY GOOD REASONS, tends to be regarded by many as a complicated and expensive pastime. But it needn’t be. Small simple boats can afford pleasure and gratification out of all proportion to their cost. And small gentle voyages can generate as much joy and satisfaction as long adventurous ones.

The man or woman who gingerly sails a dinghy along a friendly shore is no less worthy of our respect than the sailor who braves the mighty ocean. We all have our own areas of anxiety and doubt in our own abilities, and when we conquer our fears it is just as much a triumph to cross the bay as it is for someone of sterner nature to cross an ocean. And yet, human nature being what it is, we tend to judge other sailors by the size of their boats and how far they’ve traveled: their most distant ports, and the length of their voyages.

Now it is true that sailors who cross oceans in small boats perform prodigious feats of seamanship because they sail the same seas as big ships that have large crews specialising in the various skills needed to move people and cargoes across oceans. Sailboat sailors are their own cooks and navigators. They are their own engineers and riggers. They handle the sails and anchors and electrical circuits. And they face exactly the same hazards as large ships, including the storms, the rocks, and even pirates.

Yet, at the same time, to take a small boat across a body of water of any size is no small feat. To each his own goals and ambitions. We all set our own limits, and who can gainsay our individual achievements? What we all seek deep down is a feeling of ability, of achievement, of confidence. And sailing a small boat on a small voyage often does generate the confidence we need to deal with the greater troubles the world constantly throws at us.

Seamanship is as much a set of the mind as anything else. You are the only judge of your seamanship. We challenge ourselves, we feel fear, and sometimes we get more fear than we bargained for, but we learn and we gain confidence, and are not as frightened quite as much the next time. And there always is a next time for those who challenge themselves.

Is it expensive?
You will be surprised how inexpensive sailing can be. You don’t need thousands of pounds to put a boat on the water, there are often people looking for crew to share the fun with them. If you do have a boat, all we ask is that your boat is safe, well maintained, insured and if you are a novice, you allow us to teach you to sail safely and competently. See Membership Prices.

Is it dangerous?
Sailing, especially on the Bay, is an exhilarating experience, but on occasions the wind and tide can threaten your safety. We will only sail if we are sure that the weather & sea state is suitable. Yacht & Dinghy racing is organised in accordance with our Sailing Instructions.

What happens if something goes wrong?
We have our own Safety Patrol Boat that is manned by trained club personnel along with an Officer of the Day who supervises all our races and all have radio contact with the major emergency services should they be required, with of course our fantastic RNLI as the ultimate rescue service. This ensures that all our Members can sail with peace of mind.

I don’t have a boat, I don’t know how to sail – but I’m keen to learn.
Morecambe Sailing Club is a R.Y.A. recognised Training Centre with our own Fully Qualified Sailing and Power Boat Instructors to teach Members at minimal cost.

The club has 2 Wayfarer Dinghies available especially for sailing instruction & 9 other single or double handed dinghies available for members and visiting members to use for further development of sailing skills and knowledge before the need to buy your own dinghy.  A usage charge is payable @ £5 per crew member and pre-booking is essentiial via the club training officer John Gibbion or the dinghy instructors Keith Byers or Phil Preston.

What else can the Club offer?
Our modern, newly refurbished clubhouse has a comfortable and well-stocked bar, has a new kitchen, new changing rooms and showers and is wheel chair friendly. It is available for hire by members at a very reasonable cost. Call in for a friendly chat on Club Night every Friday (after 8.30). Meanwhile your boat will be parked in our secure compound when you aren’t sailing.

Is the club really open to everyone?
Our club welcomes parents with children who want to sail and is also a RYA Sailability Foundation Centre which means that we also offer the opportunity for disabled people to take up sailing, our newly updated & refurbished clubhouse is fully wheelchair friendly.  We have a Club Welfare Officer who keeps us up to date with the RYA Child Protection Policy who’s guidelines we abide to.

Phone us on 01524 418206 any Friday after 8.30 pm or call personally into the Club on Back Calton Street, Morecambe any Friday evening or send an email to info@msc-sail.uk . Go to the Documents Download menu for all membership details and application forms. Alternatively, come down to the Morecambe Town Hall slipway any Sunday from March to mid-October when the tide is up and find out more about the enjoyment of Sailing on the Bay.

Full details of our Racing Programme and Dinghy Sailing Taster Days are on this site – see the appropriate menu.

Morecambe Sailing Club is pleased to enjoy a close working relationship with John & Deirdre at BAY SEA SCHOOL and also Lunesdale Sub Aqua Club 138 whose members utilise the clubhouse for their meetings, are automatically social members of the club and we share many social events.