Boat park

The boat park is managed by Chris Baines.

You must join as a full member of the Club to put a boat in the compound. A membership form should be filled in and this contains a section for full details of your boat. The form along with membership and compound fees should be sent to the Secretary. Your application will be considered at the next committee meeting and if we accept your boat we will ask you to arrange delivery with Chris.
Please note that the compound is primarily for dinghies and other sailing craft with only limited space for motor boats.
All boats must be insured.
All boats must be easily moveable which means that cruisers and motor boats MUST be on a serviced road trailer.
Work “projects” will be given a time limit for completion.
Full details can be found in the Club “Rules and Constitution”.
The compound also stores the Club dinghies.
There is limited access to this. It is primarily a store for Club equipment which includes the 3 powerboats and all the equipment for Club dinghies. There is a separate fuel store outside the shed.
Members own equipment for dinghies can be stored in the shed by arrangement only.
Boat shed storage application form.
Dinghies can be booked for a sailing session on the board in the Clubhouse. This would normally be done on a Friday night. Do not take a dinghy out without checking the board first. The hire fee of £5 per sailing member should be paid to the person in charge of sailing on the day (the O/D).
Members must be competent enough to sail the dinghy. If in doubt please check with the Training Team.
For the time being and since we are a small group of users outside of formal instructional sessions it is the responsibility of the member taking out a dinghy to familiarise themselves with how the dinghy is stored, where the equipment for it is stored and that they have everything they need before they leave the compound.
Note: in the case of the Laser dinghies there is a choice of sails which come with specific mast sections. ASK if unsure about anything. At the end of the sessions wash down the dinghy and replace dinghy and equipment as found. Some sails will usually be hung to dry. Report any damage on the board in the shed.
KIT STORE at Clubhouse.
Please sign the sheet for any items borrowed. At the end of the session please wash the equipment and hang it on the hangers in the shower area.

MSC Membership form 2020 complete