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Sunday 18th October 2020

Biggest tide of the year ,smallest airflow of the season!
Keith and Sue on Merlin. Short triangle laid. All boats launched and start countdown in progress. Ah, where were the dinghies?
Chris S and Fi in Keith’s Enterprise were about at the start line but single-handers of Gibbi, Chris B, Dave E, John H and Nigel were all slowly but surely being carried towards the Green Street jetty by a strong eddy current but absolutely no wind.
Congratulations to Chris and Fi for getting round one mark before drifting and to Gibbi who managed to make it back to the main slip with a little help from Dyane to round the fence. Eventually Merlin assisted everyone else, some past Green Street, with a tow back to the side slip. Racing abandoned!!
Perhaps though a case of most dinghies being in the right place but the course set in the wrong place.
Also thanks to Peter Brown, Barry Hunt and Dyane assisting.

” The view from the back of the fleet.” Sunday 4th October

What a great session of racing! The best of what Morecambe Bay has to offer….a high tide, sun, great views, a steady wind of force 3/max 4 albeit from an easterly direction and finally a big tidal flow out to combat in the last race.

A shame only 6 out. Certainly the best and longest time I have had on the water in a long while. Not much time for a rest either between the 4 races. Being the slowest I would get over the finishing line only for the countdown for the next race to start. I had some good starts and was there in the thick of it with the fleet only to see them open up gaps as the race progressed.

A square course was set for the first race but I think it got distorted. The course was squared-off for the 2nd race but we didn’t sail it as a square. A couple of leading boats did have problems route-finding. 3rd and 4th races same course as the wind upped to F4. Always seemed windier at the outer marks, or at least when I got there so the odd gybe was replaced for me by tacking. Thanks Dave Edwards (OD) for 3 gybes per lap. Thanks also to Dyane and John Nesbitt in Merlin who sat off the outer marks in case of problems.


Only one more Sunday of scheduled racing to go on October 18th starting 11.30am

Sailing 20th September 2020

The conditions were a perfect combination of decent wind, sunshine, and a lovely big tide. Many thanks to Brookie and Ivan for doing O/D & safety boat.

Also many thanks to our photographer / video operator Tim Wood on the slipway for shifting trolleys up above the tide line as the water rose.

Dyane (20/9/20)


5th/6th September 2020

The weekend of the 5/6th September was scheduled to be the MSC Castlegate Open Regatta. With the coronavirus situation this had to be cancelled but it was planned to have a 2 day Club members regatta with a couple of local visitors.
Strong winds prevented the Saturday sailing from taking place but conditions were good for Sunday sailing. 16 dinghies took to the water. Dave Edwards was in the race office as Officer of the Day and took control of the racing. Barry Hunt and Dave Brookbanks were in Merlin as safety boat crew. Choppy sea, Force 4 with gusts was magnificent for some and a little too much eventually for others but great to see so many out. Safety boat was busy at times. A couple of rescues and some standing-off whilst others recovered thier capsizes.
I invite you to go to the gallery on the website and watch the 10 minute video put together by Mark Procter from footage shot by our resident land photographer Tim Wood. This shows participants surviving the racing. The results section on the website gives the race results and shows the other participants who sailed for as long as it suited them given the conditions.

There then followed an informal BBQ.
See Charlie Benson’s (Youth Sailing Team) race report here.

Sailing 30th August 2020

Start time: 9:00

Sea state: smooth becoming calm-rippled

High tide time: 10:24

Height: 8.09m

Wind: NE, 5mph, gusts 6mph

With gusts forecasted to be as high as 6mph, clear skies overhead and magnificent views across the bay, this was an ideal day to be on patrol boat duty!  Seven hardy souls took to the waters to battle against tide and wind (or lack of the latter towards the end).

Race 1 was the traditional triangle (anticlockwise), Race 2 was essentially an out and back (2 sausages) and Race 3 was a triangle (clockwise) with a running start! Towards the end of the session the wind had dropped considerably making sailing difficult against the outgoing tide.

Many thanks to Gibbi for breaking off from the start of the second race start to talk to the jet skiers that were about to launch from the slipway.  Thanks to Dyane and David for sorting out the results.

Results are on the results page and photographs are in the gallery.

M Procter (30/8/20)


Message from the Commodore 
Cruising News
Storm bound once again on this yacht cruising trip. A day in Tarbert. See my FB story for video of our rescue of a yacht with smashed rudder yesterday and our 9 hour/26 mile tow from Inveraray to Tarbert. Hope for 3 days of good sailing after this before return to Largs on Saturday and home.

There was no sailing last Sunday, 23rd as the storm boards were in thus closing off the prom.
Sailing this next Sunday 30th hopefully.

Reminder of our plans for weekend of Sept 5/6th. A Saturday and Sunday Regatta for Club members and invited guests with a BBQ after racing on the Saturday in the shed/compound area. Free burgers/buns from Clubhouse galley and bring own salads and dessert. Drinks available brought over from the bar. Please come to BBQ even if not sailing. IF Saturday sailing has to be cancelled then BBQ will be after the Sunday sail. Please be fluid therefore in your plans.

I have put out a lot of news emails but only had a few replies….mainly thanks for keeping in touch with you all and the odd enquiry. It would be so nice to hear from those intending to sail over that weekend and particularly from those wanting burgers/attending the BBQ, let’s say by Thurs 3rd Sept. Will need a few volunteers to help with the sailing too, please.
After having been told that RYA Training Centre Inspections were not taking place this year we were then contacted for it to happen. Set for Wed 9th Sept at 9.30am so a bit of work going on before and then after my return to be ready.
Gibbi (25/8/20)

Advance Notice – Castlegate Regatta – 5th/6th September


Unfortunately this event has been cancelled.


Advance Notice – Sailing Sunday 23rd August 

Unfortunately sailing is cancelled on Sunday.
The storm boards have been placed across the slipway and we are advised they will not be removed until Monday.

Kindest regards

Chris S (21/8/20)

Advance Notice – Roa Island – Dinghy Regatta – Saturday 29th August

We have a pursuit race for any boat with a py, first boat away 12.00 noon. Sunday, dinghies and cruisers, first race again 12.00. 
If anyone from Morecambe wants to come over they’re welcome to join us.

Sailing 16th August 2020

Despite last week being mostly sunny, today was overcast with rain threatening most of the time.  Wind was from the NE, approx. 10mph with gusts in the region of 18mph; sea conditions were choppy. Initially 7 dinghies took to the water with 6 participating in the first race (Phil S took his grandson out for a bit of social sailing).  They were joined by Matthew in the Merlin Rocket for the second race.  3 races were completed and the rain only started properly as every one went home.  Results can be found on the 2020 results page and photographs in the Gallery (many thanks to Tim Wood for the pics). Mark and Hannah Procter were on OD/patrol boat duty.

Mark Procter (16/8/20)

Sailing 13th August 2020

No sailing 26th and 2 Aug due to wind and sea state making it outside our present limits.

Last Sunday for which you have results was a sunny and very warm day with an easterly wind which was a steady 2/3 on first inspection before preparing boats. By the time we were rigging at the race office is was gusting 4 however at water level it seemed quite pleasant. Eventually all present launched rather slowly helping each other and racing commenced on a course designed by Dave Edwards. A couple chose to warm-up closer inshore. Quite gusty with lulls, A shorter 3rd course was set and a mark decided to float away minus anchor…..rescued by Chris.

2 guest boats. A very enjoyable session.

Thanks to Ivan and Brookie for sharing patrol boat/OD and organising some racing.

Will prepare some news items later today. Too busy enjoying this weather. See you Sunday I think.



26th July 2020

Wind speed 30 mph + so sailing cancelled today. 
Keith (26/7/20)

Sunday 19th July 2020

A 9.30am start time saw 7 members take to the waters of Morecambe Bay with Mark and Hannah Procter on Merlin.  Conditions were fantastic with blue skies (a bit of cloud) and a gentle breeze that allowed sailors to gently ‘warm up’ during Race 1 (course was a figure of 8).  During Race 2 (a square this time), the wind picked up a little (plus there was an increase in cloud cover) and made for excellent sailing conditions.  By Race 3 (a square and sausage this time), the sky was grey and the wind had increased further making sailing conditions tricky for some – swimming pools may be closed but that doesn’t stop some club members taking the opportunity to have a quick dip in Morecambe Bay’s therapeutic waters.  Unfortunately the race had to be abandoned after 1 lap as Merlin was called upon to carry out her first rescue. 

Photographs and video can be found in the 2020 Gallery.

Results can be found on the Race Results page (under the Sailing and Racing tab).

Next sailing is on 26th July.

Mark Procter (19/7/20)

Sunday 12th July 2020

We had a beautiful late afternoon sail Sunday, 12th July. A nice steady breeze ,sun and 8 dinghies out. Thanks to Chris and Fi on the patrol boat. Some results pending. They informally arranged 4 short races before we ran out of water (lowest tide of the year!)

NEXT SAILING is Sunday 19th starting 9.30am.


The RYA have cancelled the DISCOVER SAILING EVENTS for this season.  More information can be found here.


Sunday 28th June 2020

The sailing for this weekend was switched to yesterday, Saturday due to the forecast of very strong wind for today, Sunday and as I look out of my window writing this it certainly is windy!

The wind was up and down as we prepared but with a forecast for it to get stronger this deterred some who offered their services elsewhere.

Keith Byers, Chris Baines, John Hodgson and new member Oli Hirstwood took to the water for a good thrash around 3 buoys with a few capsizes (Keith not included) as wind strength increased.

Dyane and Dave E were in the patrol boat, Uschi was sailing manager.

Mark Procter came to look over Merlin before his duty next weekend and I did the tow across of Merlin. Nigel S came along with a thought of sailing and Damien was watching……all these were able to help the sailors launch and recover.

Some video/photographs can be found on the Gallery pages of the website.

Next sail is Sunday July 5th starting at 10.30am.   Mark and Judith on duty.


The MBSA event at Roa Island is not taking place July 11/12th.


Sunday 14th June 2020

On Sunday 14th June there were 9 dinghies out with 11 persons. Gibbi was on the patrol boat and Andrew Craven was sailing manager onshore. Lovely evening with a 5.30pm start on the water for a 7.15pm HT. Sunny and very hot. Shame about the wind again though which was SSE to start @ about 8mph with periods of flat calm. Almost Maldivian! With 2 buoys already out a third was placed to give some short , informal racing so a pretty good time was had by all. JOHN H, KEITH, CHRIS B, CHRIS C, DAVE H, JOHN N, JOHANNA AND USCHI IN THE HARTLEY, ANNIKA AND MATILDA IN A TOPPER. MARK F GUESTING.

More photographs can be found in the Gallery.

Next sailing is Saturday 21st June with a 10.30am start. At the moment forecasts suggest there will be a moderate wind. Gibbi


Recreational sailing on the bay re-started on Sunday 7th June. It was all pretty informal. Procedures had been put in place to safeguard people from coronavirus taking into account UK Gov guidelines and RYA advice. Members chatted and walked-through the various procedures for preparing dinghies and launching. Unfortunately the wind was rather light and variable from a northerly direction but a few ideas were adopted to keep people occupied. Nice to see 10 independent single-handers enjoying the high tide with accompanying patrol boat. A successful session in so many ways! It is now hoped to sail at least each Sunday in a considerate and conservative manner. We look forward to organised racing again. The fate of “Discover Sailing” days is still to be decided by the RYA.
John Gibbison, Commodore (10/6/20)


We would like to invite members to consider getting out sailing with us as soon as they feel able. It will be great to see them out on the water. However, it will have to be either in single-handers or members of same household in a larger dinghy and they will need to be competent to sail that dinghy. When Killington re-opens for group sailing we will hope to cater for all. Instruction and training in dinghy or powerboat at either site will also re-start when we can.

PROCEDURES AND SAFE WORKING PRACTICES during the present phase of COVID 19 guidelines can be found here.


We have been in receipt of emails from the RYA on the subject of Clubs restarting sailing and Sue and I will be taking part in online forums on this matter.
Initially it could be a very informal arrangement soon followed at a later date by organised Club racing. Any sailing though of either type would need UK GOV guidelines to be followed on who can meet, distancing and hygeine. I am in the process of contacting Lancaster City Council, Coastguard and RNLI to confirm what I already know of their position.

Gibbi (14/5/20)

MBSA Regatta 2020

This years MBSA Regatta is scheduled to take place on the 11th and 12th July at Roa Island. However, due to the situation regarding coronavirus, there is uncertainty about this event. We will let you know more when we know more.




As you know we are able to participate in walking, running and cycling and individuals can undertake their own exercise programmes indoors. Other NGBs are looking ahead to the government’s plans to be released next week on some easing of the lockdown by entering into discussions with them regarding how some other leisure activities could start to resume on a limited basis and in line with new guidelines. Social distancing will be a major factor but some non-team activities can go on on a very individual basis eg solo sailing, kayaking, single sculls rowing or in distanced pairs such as climbing. I could go on with examples but at least some see the need for health and mental wellbeing. Shame it is the Premier League thinking we all need a moral boost of competitive football behind closed doors watched from an armchair for our sanity!

Well I am an optimist. It isn’t necessarily going to happen quickly and we have to consider safety, the calling out of emergency services and having to go to A& E but incidents and accidents are relatively infrequent normally and should not therefore  add additional pressure. Also some people have to consider their families if they resume more interaction with people.

Just my take on it all. Interested to hear your comments to all. Let’s wait and see.

Gibbi (1/5/20)


Sunken Yacht

The sunken yacht on the moorings in the Bay is attracting much attention. The club has made enquiries and has been unable to locate the current owner. Could it belong to someone from outside the local area?





Would have been another fantastic Discover sailing day yesterday. Sailing today would be in light but adequate wind.

The RYA are continually updating us. Here is the latest. Rest assured that as soon as MSC can resume sailing based on UK GOV and RYA guidelines …..WE WILL and the priority will be to get members out sailing in their own and Club dinghies. Forget our Sport England project. If we have the time we will run the odd Discover Sailing session. We have clearly covered this with our contact at SE.


From: Peter Hadfield     RYA NW

Subject: Covid-19 Crisis

Dear Club Contact

Please see the information below which the RYA has sent out regarding the Covid-19 Crisis

The RYA confirmed that representing members’ interests is of paramount importance during this time.  As a first step, hopefully all clubs are are aware of and are referring members to the RYA C-19 website hub which is updated almost every day and answers many more frequently asked questions:

There are specific sections relevant to Clubs:

And also for personal members and recreational boaters in general:

A number of points have raised by the Chairs of English Regions upon behalf of members in their regions and the responses are set out below:

  • Insurance: The RYA  have been in regular correspondence with Gallagher’s. They fully understand the impact and are writing individually to a number of clubs with specific needs

  • Clubs without premises They are able to apply for SE grants, and additional support.

  • Marina / Harbour access and fees: The RYA are in direct contact with THYA and Government on this issue and hope to have more clarity on access this week. Meanwhile TYHA have assured us that none of their members will be attempting to profit from the crisis by charging inappropriate fees

  • Extension of Club subscription period: The Board is meeting on 30th April and will discuss this topic then.

  • MCA extension: this has been confirmed for Coded vessels, details here.

Please share as widely as possible across your networks and encourage clubs to read the advice,

Kind regards


Hon Secretary

RYA NW Region





Would have been early sailing,Sunday 19th April. Another beautiful day with a clear blue sky,hot sun but with a top end of F4 easterly wind which was cool and rather gusty at times. Might have tested some sailors. The haze had cleared and today it was possible to see all the Lakeland hills. Oh well,roll on next weekend!

Stay fit and healthy.



Hope all members, their families and friends are well during this period of COVID 19. People will have their own ways of getting through it but I am sure that, like me, many of you are getting through a lot of jobs around the house in between sleeping, eating, entertainment and exercise. For me Torrisholme Barrow provides open,hilly walking/jogging and the prom some safe cycling when it is not too busy with others exercising.

The Club’s facilities are being monitored. Chris B is keeping an eye on the compound and shed. He has put the powerboat engines into sleep mode. We took advice on the best way to store them for this extended period. Brookie continues to monitor the Clubhouse (H&S) and I regularly pass the race office.

Over the Easter long weekend Morecambe really looked an enticing seaside resort. High tides in the day with blue skies and sunshine…..and minimal people around to enjoy it. This came after two very windy weekends.

Saturday 11th would have been the first of the “Discover Sailing”events and conditions would have been perfect with a nice breeze…..lovely conditions as can be seen in the pics above. Sunday,race day was just as nice but with a cool East wind.

Mark Procter is gradually taking over the website from John Hodgson. I must thank John for his years of service to the website sometimes under difficult conditions eg updating it from his luxury yacht whilst sailing in warmer climes. Mark will be using some of his valuable “stay at home time” to now add his personal touch so please use some of yours to have a look in the next few days and weeks. Remember,the website is only as good as the info supplied to him! The busy dinghy programme should appear on there to wet your appetites for June? July?…….well it goes up to end of October!!

The RYA has suspended the “Discover Sailing” until at least July 1st and obviously our project involving Merlin has also been suspended with clarification of this registered with Sport England. When we can do it obviously our first priority as a Club will be just to get our members out sailing again combined with a social event of some sort.

Stay healthy and fit.

Gibbi (14/4/20)

‘MERLIN’ Launch (14/3/20)

On Saturday 14th March we had the pleasure of the presence of Councillor David Whitaker, the Right Worshipful the Mayor of the City of Lancaster, at the launch and naming ceremony of our specially commissioned training rib “Merlin”.
MSC sincerely thank the following organisations for the grant funding:
Sport England, The National Lottery and the Galbraith Trust.
This light and manoeuvrable “Ribcraft Training” rib will give MSC the opportunity to develop particularly our youth memberships skills in rib control, and will also give our sailing coaches and trainers the ability for on the water one to one dinghy coaching.
The day continued with our instructors and qualified powerboat helms trying out our new rib as well as the Club’s other patrol boats. 
Here are some pics of the Merlin launch day thanks to Peter Brown who took them from his kayak.




On 30th September 2015 at ~01.00hrs we experienced at Heysham/Morecambe the Highest Predicted Astronomical Tide Height of 10.76m. This was the highest predicted tide for at least the next 10 years and was due to the closeness of the the moon to the earth this year. Added to the astronomical tide height could be a storm surge which might increase the height considerably more.  You can read about tides and storm surge predictions etc on the National Tidal and Sea Level Facility website – follow the link on this website at the Weather,Tides & Cams / Tidal Surge Prediction for Heysham  menu.

You can also follow the progress of lightning storms by using the link at the            Weather, Tides & Cams / Lightning Strikes  menu.