Youth Team

6th September – Substitute Regatta


There was a fairly choppy sea from the beginning with force 4 winds coming onshore. Started heading out to sea whilst waiting for others to launch boats and be prepared for the race, while this was happening I was caught off guard on a gybe and capsized. However, I managed to right the boat without getting wet by quickly climbing onto the underside of the hull before it was fully capsized. The exact same happened another 5 minutes later, making me think that the conditions might be a little too strong for me. As more time went on the conditions became easier to handle as I quickly became used to hiking -out most of the time and slowing down the tacks, adapting to the conditions that were presented to us. 

Starting the first race there were 16 dinghies on the water with one or two sailing separate to the race. Personally, in the first race I finished 10th and came to enjoy the sailing much more as the conditions became ideal for a fun fast sail but some thought different to this and decided to retire from racing as they were either having trouble with the conditions or just did not want to continue the racing. The second race I achieved the result of coming 9th place, with the same square course as the first race. Just before the third race started I was once again caught off by a gybe, this time I wasn’t as quick to right the boat due to being more tired from previous capsizes. At this time another racer did also capsize so I stayed close by to lend a helping hand in case there was any help needed (fortunately there wasn’t). Because of this I had a much later start to the 3rd race but the conditions eased a little more so I managed to cope much easier regaining distance to the other racers finishing in 7th this race giving me an overall placing of 7th out of 16. Looking back, this was one of the best sails that I have had in a while due to the conditions and of course getting a little wet at times. 


Morecambe Youth Sailing Team.

The youth team is currently looking for new members aged between 12 to 18 regardless of past experience.

There are both single handed boats, for those who are more confident on the water, and double handed boats, for those who can progress and learn with more experienced sailors or for those who would just like to sail with someone else.

Youth team members can sail in MSC Sunday race series and participate in other events such as social nights.

During your time at the youth team you can learn how to prepare boats to put on the water, basic navigation, racing rules and much more.

Sailing is an extraordinary sport to develop confidence on the water and your ability to work as a team and even your problem solving! As well as this you are able to meet some great people who will give you a warm welcome and help you to progress, as well as learning skills in sailing you can gain lifelong friends through not just the youth team but the entire club.

The Morecambe Youth Sailing Team aims to make sailing and other watersports affordable for all, they have a dedicated team of DBS checked volunteers who have many years experience in a wide variety of watersports.

Our Youth Team Representative :
Charlie Benson

I have been a part of the club for just over two years now and the sailing club has become like a second home to me where I can learn new skills and progress in my sailing through a safe and friendly environment. This could be you too. Being part of the Youth Team is a great privilege to me as I have met so many great people in the club who are so kind and giving. In the Sunday race series we see Youth Members participating and giving those with lots of experience a run for their money, this just shows that with the right attitude you could be one of the next best sailors for not just the club but possibly for even your own country. I encourage you to come down and try out sailing and push yourself out of that comfort zone and see what it’s all about.

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Come and join us and go sailing this summer!